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We enable companies to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint through environmental commodities and energy certificates. 


Caely Renewables is solution driven company with a strong focus on the environment. We believe that fighting climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. We help our clients to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainable energy consumption, this enables them to meet their environmental goals. We do this by actively advising and executing environmental commodity transactions. Within this young and dynamic market, Caely’s team boasts a wealth of experience and is committed to becoming the go-to knowledge leader and actor within the environmental commodity space.

Philip van Dijk

Corporate Accounts


Having worked for many years in the Renewable and Fixed-Income sector I watched both industries change and grow. Started as everyone as a (junior) sales-trader and eventually becoming a manager-director and partner, I’ve seen most aspects of the different front-office tasks and roles. It is with great please and pride that currently I am, together with a great team of industry experts, developing Caely Renewables into a solid business partner for companies looking to cut their Greenhouse Gas emissions.  


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Ylvo de Groot

Risk & Operations


I am a highly qualified business professional with a sharp eye for detail. I have 20 years of risk, operations and financial management experience, of which 10 years in the renewable energy markets. I hold a master’s degree in business administration and a post-master’s degree in finance & control. Within Caely I am mainly responsible for the company’s risk management, operational infrastructure and asset protection.


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Jonas Risse

DACH Region


Energy Transition through markets, I believe in an interconnected renewable energy landscape. Being commercially driven in order to successfully serve clients is my credo. As Business Lead at Caely I focus on achieving environmental targets and trading opportunities with counterparts, getting to net-zero emissions on our shared global climate goal.

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Bart Mock



As a sustainability advocate and commercial entrepreneur, I thrive in the environmental commodities market. With an international background and proven track record in sales, trading and business development my goal is to enable our customers meet their environmental goals.


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Jean-Baptiste Plasmans



After several years as a consultant, sales and trader in the commodities industry, my mission is to boost the Caely's growth by helping French companies to increase their sustainable energy consumption and by executing environmental commodity transactions.


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Paul Lescieux



Having lived and worked in many places, people and nature mean a lot to me. I believe that business can be channelled for good causes to improve the world.  As a portfolio manager, my job is to optimise flows, providing trading opportunities, and ensure smooth deliveries to our clients. Looking forward to building a responsible business with Caely Renewables.


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Aleksander Siwiec

Poland & CEE


During my time as an analyst, trader and originator, I had the opportunity to observe the dynamic development of energy markets in CEE countries. I cooperated with various entities forming this sector and I think the biggest challenge they are currently facing is the transition towards renewable energy and sustainability. My mission is to help them reach their environmental goals by providing the best trading opportunities and advisory.



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Mergyul Ahmed

Physical Renewables Trader


A wise man once said, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” After having worked several years for an oil major, I decided to join Caely Renewables to contribute to that change and be part of our journey to net zero. My job as a Biofuels Trader is to source and trade sustainable feedstocks for biofuel production with a focus on waste materials and residues.



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There is no plan B because there is no planet B.